Global Ocean Refuge System (GLORES)

Oceans are essential to human survival and prosperity and yet human activities are pushing many critical marine species toward extinction. The best way to maintain the oceans’ diversity, abundance and resilience is to protect marine life in their ecosystems.

The Global Ocean Refuge System (GLORES, pronounced glôr-ees) is an initiative by Marine Conservation Institute designed to catalyze strong protection for at least 20% of the ecosystems in each marine biogeographic region of the world’s oceans by 2030. It is a strategic, science-based way to safeguard marine ecosystems and will enable humans to recover marine life for us and future generations.

As we enter 2015, only about 2% of the ocean has any protection, and less than 1% is in “no-take” reserves, where humans are not allowed to extract fish, oil or other resources. Marine scientists recommend strong protection for 20-30% of our oceans to save marine life from extinction. Please get involved with GLORES today and be a part of the growing team that makes this happen!

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Don't miss our guest post about the Global Ocean Refuge System on the Virgin Unite website! Cheers to Virgin Unite for their support of oceans. We appreciate it!  (Photo by Cristian Dimitrius) 

10 Ways You Can Help Make GLORES a Reality

We need the world to help make GLORES a reality.  Below is a list of several ways you can help.

  1. Become a GLORES partner
  2. Introduce us to prospective partners, supporters and donors
  3. Make a gift to GLORES
  4. Post links to on your website
  5. Mention GLORES to the media, in your presentations and on your social media channels
  6. Promote strong and effective marine protected areas, the types GLORES seeks to secure
  7. Connect us with marine protected area activities in different locations around the world
  8. Share your research on marine protected areas with us
  9. Become an editor/contributor to MPAtlas, an interactive resource to learn more about marine protected areas around the world
  10. Join the GLORES newsletter list and get the latest updates delivered straight to your inbox

Or please email Marine Conservation Institute president Lance Morgan with your specific ideas at: [email protected]

Thank you for your continued support!


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